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"End God" is episode 295 of the Berserk manga series.


The sun rises, revealing the vast emptiness that plagues Wyndham. The only person in the streets is Daiba, who has stumbled out of the temple after seeing something horrific within it. He looks back into the temple through its main door, which sits ajar. Through it, he sees a dark mass of faces and eyes, all of which bear Ganishka's likeness. The mass forces its way out, proclaiming that it obtained the power it was looking for.

Daiba runs as the temple crumbles to the ground, revealing that the Ganishka creature is large enough to have completely filled it. The Kushan sorcerer watches as his emperor grows even more in size, and entire streets of Wyndham are uprooted as massive arms rise from beneath them. The destruction is so great that even the Kushan army outside Wyndham's walls are aware of it: entire towers collapse and the ground shakes.

Suddenly, all is still. The Kushan army peers through the destroyed wall into Wyndham, but cannot see due to the floating debris. Their gaze slowly moves upward, and a shadow grows to cover them all.


Ganishka transforms into a giant monster.

Watching from the distant hills outside Wyndham, the entire Band of the Falcon, Laban, his Arklow Knights, the resistance force and the escaped population of Wyndham watch the horrors unfold. Everybody present except for Griffith is rendered speechless by what they see.

Ganishka's new form resembles an impossibly tall tower. Silhouetted against the sun, and with dozens of long, tentacle-like arms, he dwarfs even the mountains behind the city, and his shadow is so long that it covers even Griffith's band and the rest of their company.