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"Silent Darkness" is episode 293 of the Berserk manga series.


The fog has disappeared from Wyndham's streets as quickly as it appeared. Many inhabitants cautiously step outside their doors and discover that the monsters have also gone. The dream they saw in their sleep came true. Laban appears with his Arklow Knights and addresses the masses, telling them to gather in front of Wyndham's cathedral in preparation for an evacuation of the city and to inform their neighbors.

The Arklow Knights are pleasantly surprised to see that the people of Wyndham are relaxed about the situation, never panicking as the Knights predicted they would. Laban orders the Knights be split into two groups - one to oversee the evacuation, another to accompany him to Wyndham Castle. Upon entering the castle's main courtyard, Laban and his group find that all that remains of the Kushan guards are their empty clothes and discarded weapons strewn about. The scene renders Laban and his men nervous.


Laban finds that the barred window's been stuffed with garments.

They enter the castle proper, and it, too, is devoid of Kushan guards. Eventually, Laban and his men come across huge barred windows that have been stuffed with white gowns, preventing people from looking outside. Only a little further down the same hallway, Laban finds a locked door and a ring of keys on the ground. He opens the door and finds the imprisoned (and naked) women. Laban announces that he and his Arklow Knights have come to rescue them, but the women do not immediately speak.

One girl's excitement prompts her to exclaim that their being saved by the Arklow Knights mirrors the visions they had in their dream during the night. From this, Laban figures out that it was the women who stuffed the windows shut to prevent the fog from touching them. He tells the women that the Kushan have disappeared from the castle. The women celebrate upon learning that they are free.

The Arklow Knights split up to unlock the other cells of the castle's prison, releasing hundreds of prisoners. Laban is nervous; the new high number of prisoners in addition to the entire population of Wyndham will fill the waterways to over-capacity, meaning that the escape route Laban originally planned to use for the evacuation won't be able to get everyone out by morning. Upon seeing the abandoned Kushan uniforms on the ground, Laban comes up with a solution.

Much of Wyndham's population wait outside the cathedral, as Laban instructed. From the cathedral emerge many Kushan soldiers, but Laban steps forward and explains that they are really disguised prisoners. The rest of Wyndham's population don similar disguises, and together they walk out Wyndham's front gate, walking unnoticed directly through the heart of Ganishka's returned Kushan army.