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"Fog of Death" is episode 292 of the Berserk manga series.


Ganishka and Daiba have returned to Wyndham. The Emperor is rushing to a lower chamber of a temple, but Daiba pleads with him to stop. Ganishka will have none of it; he says that there is no alternative to his plan, and he clutches his face, his new scar gushing copious amounts of steam. While he runs, Ganishka recalls his humiliating encounter with Griffith. His instincts as an Apostle had told him that Griffith was on a completely different level and could not have been harmed by Ganishka himself or any number of Kushan soldiers.

Ganishka enters the Daka-creation room, where the mass of sewn-together Apostles is located. He intends to subject himself to the machine in the hopes of becoming a 'transcendent Apostle'. Daiba enters the room to see that Ganishka has climbed onto the hook that is used to lower women into the mass of flesh. Ganishka orders the hook to be lowered, and his last thoughts before the effects of the machine take hold take the form of a challenge for Griffith.


All who come into contact with the temple's fog are instantly disintegrated.

Fog begins to pervade from the temple. The inhabitants of Wyndham remain safe in their homes while the pishacha and Kushan soldiers patrol the streets. Upon physical contact, the animals and people dissolve in the fog. One of the few Kushan survivors is Daiba, who keeps the fog at bay using magic. The mass of flesh suddenly begins grows several openings which suck the fog back into itself. Daiba realizes that the machine is really absorbing the life force of all the people killed by the fog; he likens the machine to a Beherit in its new function - the Apostle Ganishka is undergoing another ritual to become an Apostle once more.

The result is that Ganishka acquires power from one of the deepest layers of the Astral world.