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"Battle to Capture Doldrey (6)" is episode 28 of the Berserk manga series.


The Tudor soldiers are at a loss for what to do. Guts informs them that the Band of the Falcon has won the battle, and Griffith orders the killing of the remnants of the enemy forces if they refuse to flee. Despite Gennon's orders to stay and fight, his troops run away. In the commotion, he is knocked off his horse, and when he comes to his senses, he notices Griffith sitting on his own horse, looking down on him.

Manga E28 Griffith Kills Gennon

Griffith stabs Gennon's eye.

Gennon seems both overjoyed and terrified at seeing Griffith. On the one hand, they are on opposite sides of the war. On the other, Gennon hopes that the (non-existent) mutual attraction they feel for each other will convince Griffith to spare him. Gennon tells Griffith that he's desired to see him again after the night they shared, but Griffith's lack of response prompts Gennon to ask if Griffith resents him. Griffith replies that he doesn't, explaining that their night was nothing more than a means to an end: the accomplishment of his dream. Griffith adds insult to injury by explaining that the money Gennon gave him to ensure the survival of his men made everything up to this point possible. As Gennon cries out in rage over being used, Griffith tells him about how having Gennon spread rumours about the Falcon would prove inconvenient and kills him by stabbing his sword through his eye.


Guts picks Casca up to see Griffith.

Inside Doldrey, the band is celebrating the victory and hunting the last remnants of Tudor's army within its walls. Casca is still suffering the pain of her arrow wound, but declines help from passing mercenaries. Eventually, she is found by Guts, still wielding the enormous cleaver. He helps her up, and together they look out onto the battlefield, where Griffith is being lauded and cheered for by the Band of the Falcon.

Casca tells Guts that seeing Griffith being celebrated like this makes her feel very distant from him. In response to this, Guts picks her up in his arms to bring her to Griffith's side. Before leaving the castle, Guts glances back suspiciously at the oversized sword. He decides to make nothing of it, and he leaves with Casca.

On the cliff, the horseman and sword-thrower, Zodd, contemplates the upcoming event called the Eclipse, before he turns and rides into the distance, away from Doldrey.


  1. Gennon
  2. Guts
  3. Griffith
  4. Casca
  5. Zodd