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"Sea Battle (2)" is episode 289 of the Berserk manga series.


Roderick has the Seahorse fire a broadside at the second pirate ship and, like the first ship, its masts are destroyed. Bonebeard is undeterred, ordering his third and last ship, the Captain Bonebeard, to continue its approach at any costs. Roderick orders the Seahorse turn hard to port (left), and Bonebeard suddenly becomes hopeful: Roderick has turned his ship downwind, relinquishing the advantage the wind gave him. Bonebeard makes to follow, but his crew inform him that their own ship is caught between the trapped ships and thus cannot turn. What's more, the Seahorse has disappeared behind a wall of smoke exuded by one of the destroyed ships.

Besides these two reasons for the Seahorse's turning downwind, Roderick's thoughts reveal a third: since his ship is downwind, the wind is tilting it slightly, so that any cannonballs that Bonebeard blindly fires through the smoke will hit the side of the Seahorse, rather than the deck. Roderick orders a broadside through the smoke, dealing considerable damage to the Captain Bonebeard.

Eventually, Bonebeard's ship manages to clear itself of the obstructive smoke. However, the Seahorse is nowhere to be seen. Roderick has ordered it to circle the smoking pirate ships, hiding in the smoke while Bonebeard moves out into the open. With a clear target, Roderick orders his men to fire once more at the exposed Captain Bonebeard.


Roderick claims victory over Bonebeard.

Knowing he had been defeated, Bonebeard begrudgingly orders the retreat, leaving his two other disabled ships behind. He runs, vowing vengeance on Roderick. Roderick decides not to give chase.

The Prince of Ys addresses his crew, congratulating them on a job well done and permitting them to drink alcohol as a reward. He then turns to a flabbergasted Isidro and asks the boy to inform Farnese that the pirate threat is gone. Isidro comically stares at Roderick in admiration, admitting that until now he thought Roderick's position as captain was simply formal and that Roderick had no skill as one.

The entirety of Guts' party (minus Isidro) with the addition of Magnifico have hidden themselves in the Seahorse's main hold, where it is safest to hide from cannonballs. Worryingly, Guts' fever has risen tremendously, and Schierke explains that the burns covering his body prevent him from sweating. Farnese suggests that Schierke enter Guts' mind to dispel a nightmare he is having, but Schierke refuses on the grounds that Guts' condition has debilitated him too much to endure his mind being invaded.

Guts' nightmare is of the Beast of Darkness - chained up thanks to Schierke's talisman, it struggles to loosen itself.