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"Hero" is episode 285 of the Berserk manga series.


Charlotte's announcement causes an uproar among the nobles, who insist that Charlotte has made her decisions impulsively or without proper consideration. Their protests are silenced by Owen, who tells his fellow nobles that while they were hiding from the Kushan in Midland in various surrounding countries, Griffith has been working to free Midland and is deserving of being made supreme commander.

The nobles not from Midland also oppose Griffith's position: being Charlotte's betrothed has effectively made him the next king of Midland. What's more, with Charlotte's return, all plans for other countries to carve territory out of Midland are ruined. Their deliberations are interrupted when Federico addresses Griffith and Charlotte. He tells them that while Griffith is rightly regarded as a hero, he cannot be made supreme commander of all forces in Midland because the war against the Kushan also has a religious facet, making it the war of the Holy See, not just Midland. Federico's reasoning has Charlotte at a loss for words, but Griffith is not worried: the Pontiff's personal wagon is drawn forward from the crowd of mercenaries.


The Pontiff reveres Griffith.

When the wagon stops, the Pontiff himself steps out, and Griffith kneels before him. In response, the Pontiff himself kneels before Griffith and falls flat on his face, spread-eagled on the ground. This sends another wave of shock through the nobles of Vritannis. Griffith extends his hand and helps the Pontiff to a kneeling position, and the latter's fanatical devotion to Griffith is made obvious through their interactions.

Griffith requests the Pontiff's support in the debate against the nobles. The Pontiff acquiesces, telling the nobles that he's had a divine revelation and that the nobles must look to Griffith as their leader. The highly religious soldiers that make up the bulk of the crowd bow upon learning that Griffith is their divine savior, the Falcon of Light.