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"Midland Regular Army" is episode 284 of the Berserk manga series.


The soldiers in the Holy See's armies marvel at how the comparatively tiny new army was able to drive off the entire Kushan army, which numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Having seen the familiar flag before, several soldiers deduce (and announce) that this new army once played an important role in the war between Midland and Tudor only three years prior: the Band of the Falcon.

The soldiers can all see Griffith's unexposed face and remark that he is even more magnificent than he was three years ago. Owen, however, feels that his new presence crosses into 'inhuman' territory. The soldiers move away so as to allow the Band of the Falcon into Vritannis, where Griffith meets with Federico, who asks which army Griffith fights for and to whom he owes his allegiance. There is general surprise when Griffith says that he is the leader of the Band of the Falcon, but the great shock comes when he announces that he serves the Midland royal family and is charged with liberating Midland from the Kushan.

Griffith goes on to proclaim that since he is charged with freeing Midland, any and all armies are automatically under his command, and those who refuse must leave Midland. The news is met with resistance by disbelieving nobles, but Griffith explains that the Band of the Falcon is currently the only regular army Midland has, giving him full authority.

Midland's exiled nobles emerge from within the crowd, and Griffith greets them cordially. The nobles take more issue with Griffith's words than any other person present and demand to know on whose authority Griffith acts. Locus answers on Griffith's behalf, but dodges the question: he explains to the nobles that the very purpose of a regular army is to assist a kingdom in need - the Band of the Falcon is currently the only army doing so.

The nobles are still somewhat standoffish and demand to know how Griffith can claim authority if whereabouts of the only known living member of the royal family, Princess Charlotte, are unknown.

Manga E284 Supreme Commander

Charlotte announces that she and Griffith are to be married.

They also begin bring up the fact that rumor had it that he had been imprisoned for high treason against the royal house. One noble announces his suspicions that Griffith is taking advantage of the war to acquire sovereign rights, but the next person to speak disproves the theory.

Princess Charlotte has arrived. Her appearance causes an uproar among most of the nobles, and those originally of Midland bow before her. She is suddenly flustered and anxious, but Griffith puts a reassuring hand on her own. After a moment, Charlotte announces that she and Griffith are now betrothed, and by her authority, he has been made supreme commander of the Midland Regular Army.