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"Torn Battlefield" is episode 282 of the Berserk manga series.


The Band of the Falcon annihilates the much larger Kushan force, to everyone's astonishment. Owen, not knowing the identity of this third, highly effective army, surprises himself by recognizing the flag that they ride beneath. Silat also recognizes the flag, and deduces that the band is being led by Griffith. He jumps from his rocky perch, the confused Tapasa following behind.

The band charges through layer after layer of Kushan footsoldiers. Fearing that they will soon reach the emperor, the Kushan in the enormous wagon structure, a mobile palace, order the elephant riders to spur their mounts to speed the palace away from the threat, but the elephants become frightened at the mere sight of Zodd and refuse to move.

The band has surrounded the mobile palace, to the shock on everybody on the Holy See's side. They watch from a distance as the Band of the Falcon continues their operation.


Griffith arrives to face Ganishka.

Sitting on his throne, Ganishka watches as a lone man in a falcon's head-shaped helmet easily kills his personal guards. Face-to-face with emperor Ganishka, Griffith lifts his visor, this act alone inspiring fear in the former. Griffith explains that Ganishka's fear stems from being an apostle; since Griffith is of the God Hand, Ganishka is by his very nature inferior to Griffith, despite his claims of being the supreme entity of the world. Like many people before him, Ganishka becomes enthralled by Griffith's presence.


Ganishka feels an intense fear when around Griffith.

Silat and the Tapasa have managed to stealthily infiltrate the mobile palace and watch the confrontation between Griffith and Ganishka from a small circular window behind Ganishka's head. Ganishka exudes fog from his mouth and seems to melt as he stares at Griffith, who reaches out to touch the Kushan emperor. A new wave of fear washes over Ganishka, who transforms into his fog form, to Silat's surprise.

Zodd and several other Apostles have entered the mobile palace and move to defend Griffith from the transformed Ganishka, but Griffith dismisses them.

Griffith stares with apathy at Ganishka, who has plucked up his courage, declares himself to be the inheritor of the entire world, and announces his intention to beat Griffith.


  1. Owen
  2. Griffith
  3. Silat
  4. Tapasa
  5. Zodd
  6. Federico de Vandimion III
  7. Ganishka