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"Great Invasion (2)" is episode 280 of the Berserk manga series.


The Kushan elephants are the first of the Kushan forces to make contact with the Holy See's army. The Holy See's meager resistance does nothing to halt the elephants' charge, and many of the Holy See's forces are trampled underfoot. Following the elephants are the cavalry, who mow down anyone who wasn't killed by the elephants.

Owen begins to panic as the surviving Holy See soldiers rush back to the protection of Vritannis' walls. He sees that the Holy See has no chance of victory against the much larger Kushan force, and realizes that the attack the previous night was simply a preemptive strike to cause disarray.


Irvine's deadly skill.

A lone arrow flies through the air and into a Kushan cavalryman's head, tearing it off the man's neck. Two more arrows come and two more cavalrymen drop dead. The arrows' firer is Irvine, standing alone on a distant hill and sniping at the Kushan forces. He fires off a bundle of arrows at once, and they each kill a Kushan soldier with deadly accuracy.

The Kushan continue to force their way through toward Vritannis. To everyone's surprise, the cavalrymen charge off-course and plunge into Vritannis' moat rather than toward the main gate.

One of the Kushan elephants wanders close to a small floating black mass, Rakshas. A small dart is ejected from the mass and pierces the elephant's ear. The animal suddenly gives a great jerk, immediately calms itself, and turns away from Vritannis. Meanwhile, the other elephants begin to rampage out of control and trample over many Kushan soldiers.

Both Owen and the Kushan forces are shocked at what is happening. Unknown to anybody in the battle, a third army of soldiers has landed on the beach at the foot of a cliff in their own boats. This new army. on their horses, begins a perilous climb up the cliff's face.


  1. Owen
  2. Irvine
  3. Silat
  4. Tapasa
  5. Rakshas