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"Great Invasion (1)" is episode 279 of the Berserk manga series.


With the battle over, the soldiers of Vritannis begin a sweep of their city to survey the damage and find any lingering enemies. Owen himself is on his horse and wandering through Vritannis. The corpses of the Daka and makara that attacked the city have reverted to their natural states in death, the Daka being simple Kushan men while the makara are gigantic blue whales. The lack of monster corpses gives Owen pause, and he wonders whether the monsters' presence was simply an illusion.

Outside the city's walls, the armies serving under the Holy See have been forming up to defend the ruins of their base of operations. While several soldiers discuss their current predicament and the fact that nobody seems to know where the nobles who attended the ball the previous night are, one of the men among them suddenly notices Kushan flags come into view as they climb over the nearby hills.


The Kushan army approaches to continue the assault on Vritannis.

The arriving Kushan force is enormous. The army is split into dozens of battalions each composed of hundreds of soldiers. Among the Kushan forces is Silat and his four Tapasa. The Tapasa discuss whether or not to inform Ganishka of the movements made by the Band of the Falcon, but none of the four are comfortable with the fact that Ganishka himself is an Apostle. Silat does not listen to his cohorts and stares off into the distance.

Owen has exited Vritannis to see the oncoming enemy force for himself. He realizes that an organized defense of the city is impossible due to the sheer size of both armies that will be fighting.

Ganishka himself is present on the battlefield, hidden away in a gigantic wagon-like transport that is capable of housing hundreds of soldiers and is pulled along by elephants. He gives the order for his men to annihilate the Holy See's army.

The Kushan archers launch their volley of hundreds of arrows, resulting in the deaths of countless men fighting on the side of the Holy See. The Kushan pikemen then begin their advance, flanked by mounted elephants with archers' towers on their backs.


  1. Owen
  2. Federico de Vandimion III
  3. Silat
  4. Tapasa
  5. Ganishka