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"Setting Sail" is episode 278 of the Berserk manga series.


Inside Vritannis, the soldiers fighting against the Kushan invasion force have begun to notice that both the Daka and the fog pervading the city are beginning to recede. Daiba, meanwhile, is retreating on another Kushan warship, preferring to let the pishacha and Daka kill themselves rather than wait for them to board the boats to retreat.

Guts' group rush toward the place where he and Zodd crashed. Zodd is the first to stir, getting up quickly and ordering Guts to do the same, eager to begin their battle. Guts, however, is lying motionless on the ground on the brink of unconsciousness. Nevertheless, he forces himself to grab the Dragon Slayer and use it as a crutch to force himself to stand. Realizing that neither he nor Guts are in peak condition, Zodd decides to postpone their fight until they can both heal. Another Apostle swoops down next to Zodd and expresses a desire to eat Guts, but Zodd grabs it by the neck and reminds it that they were sent to wage war on the Kushan Empire.


Serpico prevents a battle between Guts and Zodd from breaking out.

Zodd releases the Apostle and turns to leave, but is stopped by Guts, who asks if Griffith is somewhere nearby. The question intrigues Zodd, who declares that he will kill Guts if the latter tries to kill Griffith as he enters Vritannis. The two warriors stare at each other, but the situation is defused by Serpico, who steps between the two and reminds Guts that he himself said to Ganishka only moments before that he does not care for the feuds that occur between monsters.

Guts stares at his group and eventually decides that Serpico is right. He ultimately decides to drop the matter and dismisses Zodd, who flies away, along with the rest of the Apostles.

Once the group is left alone, Guts suddenly collapses from overexertion. Isidro finds an undamaged dinghy which the group decides to use to transport the unconscious Guts to Roderick's ship. The group is unaware that the boat is currently occupied by the blanket-covered sleeping knight that fought Bonebeard and his pirates.

As Serpico, Isidro, Roderick and Magnifico set about rowing the boat away from the harbor, Farnese stares back at the ruined city of Vritannis, worried about her parents. She and Schierke then tend to a blood-covered Guts, who slowly wakes up and gazes at a far-away cliff, where a lone horseman, Griffith, stares back at him. Guts drifts back into unconsciousness as the dinghy approaches Roderick's personal ship.