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"Cloud Cluster" is episode 276 of the Berserk manga series.


The Apostles charge toward Ganishka, who unleashes a barrage of lightning attacks upon them in response. Most of the Apostles survive the attack, but one of the dead ones falls out of the sky and lands dangerously close to Guts' group.

Guts and Serpico are still on the overturned boat together. Serpico is unsure of what to do, but Guts urges him to return to the group; Guts himself is too injured to return on his own and Serpico does not have the strength to carry Guts back to the wharf. With the Dragon Slayer still planted in the boat's hull, Guts believes that he will be safe from Ganishka's lightning until he regains enough energy to make his own way to the wharf. Serpico does as he is told.


Zodd's attacks do nothing against Ganishka.

A loud roar alerts everyone present to the appearance of Zodd, who is perched atop a tall tower overlooking the harbor. He leaps from his roost and charges straight toward Ganishka alone and suffers a shock from a bolt of lightning, but overcomes the pain and passes directly through the fog-composed Apostle. Zodd turns around, repeatedly, and benignly, flying through Ganishka in an attempt to hurt him.

Eventually, Zodd's attacks scatter Ganishka's fog body enough to inspire the other Apostles to continue attacking, though many of them are still killed by bolts of lightning. The ones that aren't are trapped inside Ganishka's body, which has re-formed into a dome-like shape full of electricity. Guts watches from below while lightning strikes his Dragon Slayer, and only has a moment to realizes that Zodd is blindly nosediving right at him from inside Ganishka's body. Zodd emerges from the fog and plunges into the harbor's water, taking Guts with him.