"Attack of the Demon Army" is episode 275 of the Berserk manga.

Synopsis Edit

The group watches as Ganishka unleashes a third bolt of lightning on Guts. The smoke it creates obscures the result of the attack, but when it clears, it's revealed that Guts is still alive: he's managed to plant the Dragon Slayer into the wood of the boat he's on directly between himself and the lightning. The metal sword acted like a lightning rod, drawing the electricity away from Guts.

Surprised at how resilient Guts has proven himself to be, Ganishka declares that the Black Swordsman must be allied with Griffith for him to be so powerful. Knowing that the new Band of the Falcon is comprised mainly of apostles, Guts is supremely offended at Ganishka's deduction and denies the allegation by proudly proclaiming that he is no more than human.

Ganishka then notices the Brand of Sacrifice engraved on Guts' neck, and realizes that Guts has survived being sacrificed to the God Hand. Using this new evidence, Ganishka offers Guts a place in his army and attempts to convince him using the sound reasoning that nearly every apostle in the world is currently allied with Griffith, which would give Guts the chance to get his revenge (Ganishka not knowing that the one who sacrificed Guts was Griffith himself). Ganishka attempts to convince Guts even more by declaring that he opposes the God Hand.

Though intrigued by the fact that there exists an apostle who does not obey the God Hand, Guts refuses Ganishka's proposal, much to the relief of his group, especially Schierke. Disappointed, Ganishka accepts Guts' decision and says that he must kill Guts' group in exchange for Guts having killed so many makara and the Kundalini. He sends out a mental signal over Vritannis, bidding all of his Daka to return to the harbor.

However, the Band of the Falcon has arrived at Vritannis and are laying waste to Ganishka's forces. The apostles capable of flight have come directly to the harbor to face Ganishka himself.

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