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"Bursting Flames" is episode 273 of the Berserk manga series.


While the Kundalini attempts to hit Guts with bursts of high-pressure water, he uses the destroyed sections of the Kushan galleass as stepping stones to both avoid the attacks and close the distance between himself and the monster. Once close enough, Guts slices it with his sword and makes his retreat. However, his attack is ineffective due to the Kundalini being literally made of water. Schierke warns that while the Kundalini is subservient to Daiba, it still possesses power comparable to that of a god, polytheistically speaking. She then directs Guts and Serpico's attention (through thought transference) to the Kundalini's bulbous head, pointing out that there is a small snake-like creature floating in it - the Kundalini's 'core'.

Disregarding the impossible odds it would take to actually hit the Kundalini's core, Guts sets off first, leaping from boat to boat until close enough to jump directly toward the monster's head: he attacks, but the Dragon Slayer does not penetrate deep enough to hit the core. Guts falls into the water beneath the Kundalini, and the monster promptly creates a whirlpool, trapping Guts underwater.

Floating just above the Kundalini's head, Daiba watches as Guts is dragged deeper underwater. He barely notices that Serpico has climbed onto the mast of a destroyed ship and is now only a few feet away. Serpico attacks with his sylph sword, but Daiba protects himself against the razor wind by letting himself sink into the Kundalini's head. Serpico leaps away before Daiba can attack.


Guts, Schierke and Serpico manage to kill the Kundalini.

Now at the bottom of the harbor, Guts pushes himself upward with so much force that he jumps clear out of the water and onto a destroyed boat. The submerged Daiba telepathically relays a message to Guts and the rest of his group: fighting against a creature as powerful as the Kundalini is hopeless, and he urges them to simply let themselves be killed.

Guts and Schierke come up with a last-minute plan, neither of them sure that it will work. Guts charges directly at the Kundalini while Schierke imbibes the Dragon Slayer with the power of the Wheel of Flame. With no hesitation, Guts lunges directly into the Kundalini's head and comes to a stop only a few feet away from Daiba. The Wheel of Flame utilizes a burst of power to blow the Kundalini's large, watery body apart. Seizing his chance, Serpico jumps through the falling water and slices the head off the defenseless snake, killing the monster for good.