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"Wind Coiler" is episode 272 of the Berserk manga series.


The group takes a moment to realize that Guts is in control before turning their attention to an advancing waterspout summoned by Daiba. They manage to evade, and Guts senses the familiar sensation in his Brand of Sacrifice. He surmises that Daiba is either an Apostle or else is a being that is similar in nature. As these notions sink into Guts' mind, he briefly falls back into the control of the Beast of Darkness, with his helmet completely clamping down. Schierke's Astral body removes the Beast from Guts' ego once more and clears his mind, and the helmet recedes again.

Schierke tells Guts that he must remain level-headed or else risk falling to the Beast of Darkness. Guts chooses the former, remembering what he did to Casca the first time the Beast took control. He then turns to Serpico and invites him to join the fight with the use of the sylph cloak. Serpico accepts, and together he and Guts make enormous leaps from the wharf toward Daiba.

Guts' trajectory brings him dangerously close to a waterspout, but he slices a large chunk out of it as he passes, distracting Daiba. Serpico uses the opportunity to make several quick leaps that bring him directly in front of the Kushan and attacks with his sylph sword, but Daiba's waterspout intercepts the razor wind.

Now distracted by Serpico, Daiba barely has the time to notice that Guts has also approached and is within striking distance. Daiba reaches out and touches the nearest waterspout, which forcefully pulls him away from the trajectory of Guts' sword strike. Daiba is dragged to the top of the waterspout, reeling from the intensity of the attacks he's just avoided.


Isidro lands the first hit on Daiba.

Daiba is still convinced that he will be the victor of the battle. He prepares to attack once more, only to receive a grievous wound on his side caused by an explosive thrown by Isidro. Unable to concentrate on his magic, Daiba's levitation fails him, and he and his waterspout fall onto the galleass, among the rowers. Seeing Guts running toward him to land the decisive blow, Daiba uses his most impressive display of magic yet.


Daiba summons the Kundalini.

He summons a massive water serpent called the Kundalini. Composed entirely of water, the Kundalini destroys the galleass' deck as it appears from directly beneath the ship, splitting it in half, with Daiba sitting on its head. While the Kundalini entwines itself around the ship's mast, Schierke realizes that the creature itself is the reason Daiba has such effortless control over water.

Schierke warns Guts that the Kundalini is an Astral creature whose power far surpasses that of the other Astral beings Guts has faced. The Kundalini moves its head down to face Guts, who quickly leaps backward off the back half of the destroyed ship.