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"Eastern Magic" is episode 271 of the Berserk manga series.


Daiba invites Guts to attack first. His animal instinct suppressing his reasoning, Guts complies, leaping from the bowsprit to the foresail, in front of which Daiba floats. While Guts traverses the air between them, Daiba effortlessly uses magic to conjure a waterspout from the harbor to intercept Guts. While Guts is carried high into the air by the waterspout, Schierke marvels at Daiba's raw power.


Schierke liberates Guts' mind from the Beast of Darkness' influence.

The waterspout has carried Guts so high that falling from the altitude would result in death, even with the Berserker Armor's full power sustaining him. Schierke reaches into Guts' mind, where she is drawn into the Beast of Darkness itself, with only her torso emerging from its body. She uses her free hand to literally brush away the Beast's face, revealing that Guts' ego, represented by Guts' face, is hidden beneath it.

Daiba relinquishes power over the waterspout, causing the water - and Guts - to fall back down into the harbor far below. Though he initially falls in a nosedive, Guts manages to right himself in the air and place the Dragon Slayer below his body, deliberately falling into Daiba's galleass' crow's nest to break his fall and barely landing on his feet on the ship's deck.

Daiba calls forth more waterspouts. Guts leaps from the galleass onto the corpses of the makara, using them to traverse the harbor back to the wharf where the rest of his group is located, all while dodging the waterspouts that try to intercept him.


The subdued version of Guts' wolf's head helmet.

The group watches Guts' impressive athletic feats unfold until they realize too late that a burning ship's mainmast is falling over them. Only inches from hitting them, the group see that its fall was halted by Guts, who supports its weight by himself. The power of the Berserker Armor allows him to shift the mast and let it fall harmlessly to the group's side.

Guts suddenly does something he's never done while possessed by the armor - he speaks. He turns to the group to deliver a deadpan joke, and they see that the wolf's head helmet, while still on Guts' head, is no longer encasing it, instead acting like a regular helmet - Guts is using the armor's full strength without succumbing to the Beast of Darkness.