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"Wizard General" is episode 270 of the Berserk manga series.



While inhabiting the Berserker Armor, Schierke literally sees the world as Guts does.

Schierke's Astral body is inhabiting the Berserker Armor, allowing her to see the world as Guts does; everywhere he looks, Schierke sees the exaggerated traits of the world around Guts, making it seem more threatening than it really is. While looking at the makara, Guts sees only a void full of gaping mouths armed with serrated teeth. Guts dives into one of these mouths, and in real life he has cut a makara's head in half.

The group on the ground watch as Guts fights, and Isidro explains to Roderick and Magnifico that Guts won't stop fighting until all the makara are dead. Serpico reflects on what Isidro neglects to say: when Guts runs out of makara to kill, he will turn on the group and see them as his enemy.

One of the makara has managed to intercept Guts as he leaps through the air, swiping at him with its trunk and catching him in its teeth. The group watch in horror as the makara bites down on Guts' abdomen, making him violently spit up blood. However, he manages to raise the Dragon Slayer (which is inside the makara's mouth) and impale it from the roof of its mouth until it protrudes from its head, killing it. Guts promptly leaps away from the beast, blood leaking from his helmet and a single, deep puncture wound where the makara's teeth broke through the armor.

With the makara all killed, Guts notices a massive Kushan galleass sail into the harbor. Guts leaps onto its bowsprit, where he comes face-to-face with the floating Daiba. Daiba does not fear Guts' presence, displaying only his interest in the armor that Guts wears, and noting that the magic Schierke uses seems to differ from Kushan magic.