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"Sword Beast" is episode 269 of the Berserk manga series.



The makara corner the group.

After casting her spell, Schierke finds she is too weak to move on her own, so she accepts Guts' suggestion of being carried on his back. The group discovers that all the ships in the harbor have been burnt down, so Roderick suggests they move on to find one that's intact to carry them to Roderick's own. At this moment, both Guts and Schierke sense an oncoming attack, and Guts warns the group to keep away from the water's edge. The instant the warning is issued, several makara at once burst from the water and surround the group, cutting off every path besides the one between the storehouses that the group used to enter the harbor.

Panic rises in Schierke as she realizes that she doesn't have the strength to cast a spell to repel the monsters. Guts slowly lowers her to the ground. As he does, Schierke notices that the wolf's head helmet is manifesting on Guts' back; he is deliberately letting the Beast of Darkness take control. Schierke holds the helmet in place in an attempt to prevent it from encasing Guts' head, but she is easily shaken off. In a last ditch effort, Schierke separates her Astral body from her physical one, making the former cling to Guts while letting the latter fall limply into Farnese's arms.

What follows is the makaras' massacre. The wolf's head clamps down over Guts' own and the Beast takes control. In a single leap, Guts leaps into the mouth of the nearest makara, Dragon Slayer oustretched, and slices his way through its head and out its eye, killing it. During this time, the group marvel at Guts' new strength, but Isidro warns Roderick and Magnifico that Guts can no longer tell friend from foe. They then turn their attention to Schierke, who does not stir. Farnese initially suspects Schierke is unconscious, but Ivalera realizes that her friend is in the Astral world.

Guts continues to slaughter the makara. He leaps from beast to beast, using the Dragon Slayer to impale their eyes, slice open their skulls, and cleave off their trunks. All the while, Schierke's Astral body is watching the scene unfold from inside the Berserker Armor's helmet.