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"Blaze Rod" is episode 268 of the Berserk manga series.


Guts fights the Daka in the harbor while Serpico, Isidro and now Roderick defend the group from the Daka in the back, their efforts to keep the Daka away from Schierke so that she may cast her spell.


The wolf's head helmet shows how close Guts is to losing his mind to the Beast of Darkness.

Farnese watches as Guts slaughters many Daka and stands over their corpses. She tries to concernedly approach him, but she stops when she sees another Daka on the roof of one of the storehouses she is between. The Daka leaps in order to fall on Guts, but the latter is ever-vigilant and impales it on the Dragon Slayer as it falls. Farnese and Casca can see that the wolf's head helmet of the Berserker Armor is beginning to manifest.


Schierke and the Wheel of Flame.

The Daka behind the storehouses are quickly pushing through the defense put up by Serpico, Isidro and Roderick, and Guts has stopped moving while the Beast of Darkness takes over his mind. However, Schierke has finished casting her spell, and the effects are immediate: there's a burst of steam, with Schierke herself being the epicenter. She steps toward the Daka in the harbor, and speaks in a voice that isn't hers; she's been possessed by the wheel-shaped Astral being - the Wheel of Flame, the Astral representation of hellfire, fire started for malicious purposes. It declares that, for Schierke, it will destroy the Daka.

To this end, the Wheel of Flame telekinetically controls a waterwheel in the harbor, imbibing it with fire and breaking it free from its restraints, making it roll over any Daka in its path. Seeing that the wheel will hit them, Serpico commands the group to hide between the storehouses through which they passed to avoid it. Isidro makes to grab Schierke to drag her between the storehouses, but her mere touch burns him - she's covered in salamanders, the Astral representation of fire. At the last moment, Guts grabs her with his prosthetic arm and grabs Isidro with his good arm, then dives between the storehouses.

The Daka having been obliterated by the flaming wheel, the group surround Schierke's unconscious body and observe her as she wakes. Guts assures her that their entire group is safe and that she successfully saved them from the Daka. He praises her good work, and she smiles at him.