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"Blazing Bay" is episode 267 of the Berserk manga series.


After killing entire waves of Daka, Guts and his group decide that they must press toward the harbor while defending their backs if they are to reach Roderick's ship before it is inevitably burned. Schierke cautions the group as they move forward as she senses a gigantic, evil presence. Slipping stealthily between storehouses, the group sees that the harbor is full of Daka that are dismounting from their own Kushan warship to lay waste to Vritannis. Seeing no other way forward, Guts warns the group to stay out of his way: he plans on letting the Beast of Darkness take over his mind so that he can fight the hordes of Daka.


Guts moves to distract the Daka so that they don't attack Schierke while she casts her spell.

Schierke is enormously distraught at his suggestion, and dissuades him by saying that she could cast a spell instead. Despite barely feeling the presence of Astral beings in Vritannis, Schierke is able to hone in on spirits in the flames of the burning harbor. Since casting spells leaves Schierke in a helpless state until the ritual is complete, Guts willingly steps out into the open to draw the Daka's attention away from her.

In the Astral world, Schierke is surrounded by visions of the burning buildings in Vritannis and recognizes that the fire that engulfs them is not natural - it was lit by humans for malicious purposes, rather than being naturally occurring. Schierke's physical body begins to tremble as her Astral body is nearly scorched by the flames, but she is able to tap her staff on the ground with the appropriate rhythm to regain control of herself.

While Guts fights the Daka in front and Serpico and Isidro fight the Daka in the back, Schierke ventures deeper and deeper into the Astral world, recalling her experiences in Enoch Village and the friendship she forged with Guts and using the memories as a mental crutch. The darkness of the Astral world begins to lift as Schierke catches sight of her target: a flaming wheel.