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"Invasion of the Demon Beasts" is episode 263 of the Berserk manga series.


Armed guards on horseback order civilians to clear the way as they make toward the harbor of Vritannis. As they approach the water, several crocodile pishacha emerge and attack them. The survivors run up a flight of stairs to an elevated bridge, only to come face-to-face with tiger pishacha that are already feasting on civilians. Inside the harbor itself, an army of Daka appear from around the burning ships, advancing toward the city.


Roderick wants to prove that he is worthy of being Farnese's fiancé.

A pair of guards enter the ballroom to inform the nobles within that monsters have begun to attack the city. Guts and his party are more concerned with the harbor, fearing that all the ships that could ferry them to Skellig will be burned. Overhearing this, Roderick steps in and offers his services to them. He's heard of Skellig island, and wants to bring Guts and his party there with his own ship. The group readily accepts, even as Roderick comments that his ship is more suited to war than travel. Magnifico pulls Roderick aside and asks why he's bothering to help, and Roderick replies that it's in order to convince Farnese that he is a suitable fiancé. Farnese overhears this, but bashfully looks away before staring at Guts.

Roderick informs the group that his ship is anchored outside the harbor, and is thus momentarily safe from the fire which consumes the other vessels. He asks Magnifico what he plans to do. The latter turns to look at the crowd of nobles, who've surrounded Federico and look to him as their leader. Knowing that he won't be able to achieve anything by staying, Magnifico elects to accompany Roderick for the time being.

The group leaves, with only Farnese taking a moment to glance back at her father, who is barking orders to the other nobles. Lady Vandimion notices her daughter leaving and silently wishes her well on her travels.

The group exits the banquet hall, and Roderick and Magnifico attempt to come up with a plan to safely cross the city. Roderick ultimately decides that they should move on foot, now that they have companions in Guts, Serpico (who has returned from killing the harashada), Farnese, Isidro and Schierke who can hold their own against any monsters they come across.

The group wanders about the city until it their progress is halted by Farnese, who wants to change into something more comfortable than her dress. Schierke is in possession of her old silver surcoat and dagger. While Isidro picks the lock of a nearby tailor's shop in which Farnese can change, Guts stands guard to make sure the group is not assailed. The only person who wanders by is Owen, who recognizes Guts as the Raiders' Captain of the Band of the Falcon.