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"Time of Eternity" (永遠の刻 Eien no toki?) is the twenty-fifth and final episode of the Berserk 1997 anime adaptation. The episode covers the first three quarters of chapter 79, the last three quarters of chapter 80 to the first half of chapter 87 (but ommitting chapter 83) with elements of chapter 93 and chapter 94 from the manga.


According to Griffith's will, all the Band of the Falcon's members (except Guts and Casca) are sacrificed and devoured by apostles. Then, Griffith, reborn as Femto, rapes Casca as Guts cuts off his own left arm in a desperate attempt to get free from the apostles holding him back. He ultimately fails and is held down, his right eye gouged out as Femto finishes his rape of Casca. After the end credits, a healed Guts leaves Godot's house to enact his revenge on Griffith.


Having offered the Band of the Falcon for sacrifice, Griffith, encased in the massive hand structure, is slowly changed. As Guts desperately attempts to free him, the apostles, having assumed their released forms, begin massacring the mercenaries. As Guts fights them off, Pippin defends Casca as Judeau rescues her on horseback. As they ride away, Pippin is overwhelmed, much to Casca's horror. Meanwhile, Corkus, witnessing the carnage around him, runs away and in a state of shock, theorizes that his entire time with the band had been a dream. A naked woman approaches him, whom he embraces. The woman then transforms, revealed to be an apostle. Casca and Judeau attempt to outrun the apostles, but Judeau is mortally wounded protecting her, and dies. Surrounded by the beings and in shock, Casca attacks one of the apostles, but breaks her sword. Casca screams in horror as her armor and clothes are violently ripped off.

Meanwhile, Griffith sheds his last tear of humanity. Guts, having fought off many apostles in his way, encounters Gaston, who is gruesomely killed inside out by an apostle. Guts then sees Pippin. In truth, he isalready deadbeing held up by a slug-like apostle. With nearly all his friends massacred, Guts keeps on fighting the apostles surrounding him. He then sees Casca, naked and about to be violated by apostles. Spurred into a rage, he slays the apostles in his way, but gets his arm chomped, trapping him in place.

Suddenly, everything stops as the God Hand announces that Griffith has been reborn into their newest member: Femto - the wings of darkness. All goes quiet as Griffith, in his new body, flies over to Guts, and beckons a restrained Casca over to him. Guts watches in horror as his former friend gropes Casca in front of him. Attempting to free his arm to no avail, Guts, in desperation, violently hacks his arm off and sprints towards Casca, screaming Griffith's name. Two winged apostles slam Guts on the ground, restraining him and force him to watch Casca being raped by Griffith. As one of the apostles gouges his right eye out, Guts lets out of a scream of despair. The screen fades to white, ending the episode and series.

In a post credits scene, Guts, having survived the eclipse, dons black attire and a massive sword as Godot tells him to not get himself killed. Guts leaves the hut, beginning his vengeance.

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