Time of Eternity (永遠の刻 Eien no toki?) is the 25th episode of the series. The episode adapts the first three quarters of chapter 79, the last three quarters of chapter 80 to the first half of chapter 87 (but ommiting chapter 83) with elements of chapter 93 and chapter 94 from the manga.

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According to Griffith's will, all the Falcons (except Guts and Casca) are sacrificed and devoured by apostles. Then, Griffith, reborn as Femto, rapes Casca as Guts cuts off his own left arm in a desperate attempt to get free from the apostles holding him back. He ultimately fails and is held down, his right eye gouged out as Femto finishes his rape of Casca. After the end credits, a healed Guts leaves Godot's house to have his revenge on Griffith.

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