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"Enchanted Tiger" is episode 259 of the Berserk manga series.


Several nobles in the ballroom shift their focus from Magnifico to the nearest window, where they notice that a thick fog has formed outside. Through the fog, they make out a faint outline of a large creature. An instant later, the window bursts open from the outside, and the shattered glass injures several party goers. The burst of wind that broke the window also extinguishes the fire on all the torches inside the banquet hall, plunging everything into darkness.

As Owen finds a torch that remains lit, the guests listen to a gruesome sound, and the two women closest to the sound's source are splattered with blood. Owen approaches the women with his lit torch, illuminating the gory scene: the tiger pishacha has burst through the window and devoured two noblemen. The remaining nobles scramble to get away from the pishacha, which has begun to kill the guests nearest to it. Upon seeing the creature, Farnese realizes that it is being possessed.

Seeing that several guests have approached the hall's exit, the tiger leaps to block their path and resumes its massacre. Roderick draws his sword to confront the beast while Farnese attempts to cross the sea of panicked nobles to get her hands on a silver candelabrum. When she returns to the forefront of the crowd, they are all shocked to see her use the candelabrum to fight it. However, the tiger manages to disarm her due to her restrictive dress.


Serpico carries Farnese away from the pishacha's attack.

The pishacha advances on Farnese, and Roderick cannot get through the crowd fast enough to reach her. When the tiger swipes, there is a sudden gust of wind, and Farnese soon finds that she is safe in Serpico's arms, him having saved her at the last moment thanks to a burst of speed from his sylph cloak. Guts and the rest of the group have also arrived.