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"City of Humans" is the twenty-fourth episode of the Berserk 2016 anime and the twelfth and final episode of season two. It covers manga episodes 243 through 249.


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Guts and his friends approach the city of Vritannis where Isidro upsets Schierke about her witch’s clothing. Schierke learns that Vritannis traded in Kushan slaves, but all the slaves have been hanged as religious enemies of the Holy See. She is seen cremating the Kushans by Sonia who expresses admiration that Schierke helped release their souls. She and Schierke bond over their experiences not fitting in with normal people until they both found someone who accepted them, i.e. Griffith and Guts. Schierke stops pirates from kidnapping Kushan children and is saved by Isidro who had been trying to find her. Isidro uses his new sword to skilfully fight the pirates until Mule Wolflame arrives searching for Sonia and they defeat the pirate captain, all secretly witnessed by Guts. Sonia asks Schierke to accompany her but Schierke turns her down to stay with Guts. Sonia warns Schierke to leave Vritannis quickly and shows her a vision of Vritannis burning. Later Schierke dresses in human clothes and she, Casca and Farnese are protected from drunken soldiers by Guts. Schierke is happy that while she may be surrounded by human suffering she can continue to smile with her new friends.

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