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"Roar of the Sea" is episode 242 of the Berserk manga series.


Guts perceives the black sea that is only a short distance away; he imagines the waves swelling and swallowing him up. He sinks further and further into its depths until he comes to a chasm that is lined with teeth. Pointing the Dragon Slayer downward, ready to defend himself, Guts sinks ever lower into the chasm.

This imagined scene is reflected in real life: Guts is charging into the makara's open mouth, and he is swallowed whole. A moment later, the blade of the Dragon Slayer is forced out through the makara's destroyed right eye socket, with Guts emerging from it an instant later. The makara is killed.


The influence of the Beast of Darkness removes Guts' ability to perceive things clearly.

Guts leaps from his dead foe. As he lands on the beach, he cleaves one of the remaining crocodiles' head in half. The other crocodiles all turn to watch as Guts kills their fellow reptile; when Guts looks back at them, he sees only an enormous void full of menacing teeth. In response, he places the Dragon Slayer's blade into the open mouth of a crocodile and slices its entire body in half length-wise. The remaining crocodiles make to escape into the ocean, but Guts impales several at once on the Dragon Slayer.

Guts' party watch as he mercilessly massacres the frightened crocodiles. Isidro is impressed by Guts' strength but is also made uneasy at his lack of restraint. Serpico, for his part, has heard of warriors, commonly known as berserkers, whom are notorious for inspiring fear in both their enemies and allies due to the fact that they slayed everyone on the battlefield in their fits of rage, friend and foe alike.


The flame creature that appears before Guts.

As Guts looks around himself, he sees only more and more large mouths full of sharp teeth surrounding him; a hostile environment that closes in on him. He attacks everything that moves as the Beast of Darkness goads him on, while Guts futilely attempts to regain control of his own mind.

Eventually, no crocodiles remain for Guts to kill. He turns to look at his allies, whom are just in front of the destroyed cabin. He cannot make them out clearly, only seeing their silhouettes. He slowly advances on them as Isidro desperately tries to hurry Schierke in her task of returning Guts' sanity. Guts lunges, with Serpico prepared to defend the group, but the confrontation never occurs: a child-sized creature composed of flame has appeared between Guts and the group, a creature only Guts can see.