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"Proclaimed Omens" is the twenty-third episode of the Berserk 2016 anime and the eleventh episode of season two. It covers manga episodes 237 through the first half of 243.


Schierke places ointment on Guts' wounds and remarks how he is healing up. Schierke explains to the group how Elfhelm is located on an island in the west which is not on any map and is invisible to the casual observer. She also says that many mages have made it their home. Farnese asks Schierke to teach her the skill of magic so that she can use it to defend herself and others. Schierke explains that under normal circumstances it would be difficult to teach magic to an adult, but that Farnese has already been privy to so many things from the spirit world that it could work, so she agrees. Farnese is elated by this.

Later, Schierke is staring at the ocean when Guts approaches her and she comments that the ocean is a gateway to the spirit world and that when mages die they are free to stay in the spirit world. She tries to withhold her sadness but breaks down. Guts explains how it's better to release your feelings. Skull Knight appears and Guts thanks him for providing their escape from before. The knight warns him that the Berserker Armor will destroy its user's humanity, and even if Guts is able to control it on occasion, it will still remain a threat to his mentality. Guts says he won't allow it to control him. Schierke aks the knight how he knew Flora, which he explains that they were friends. Guts asks him why the apostles tried to kill Flora. The knight describes that Griffith saw her as a threat because she existed in the spirit world, and that nothing in the physical world can harm Griffith. As a carrier of the brand, Guts also exists in both worlds. The knight goes on to to tell them that the king of the elves has the ability to restore Casca's mind and that Guts someday might not share the same desire as Casca. The knight leaves.

Later, a group of creatures being controlled by Kushans attack Guts and his followers. Guts and company manage to defeat them, but using the armor again causes Guts injury and he barely manages to escape its grasp on his mind with his personality intact.

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Manga/Anime Differences[]

  • The character Moonlight Boy and all scenes involving him are completely omitted.


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