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"Demon God" is episode 234 of the Berserk manga series.


Silat has exited the horrific scene inside the temple and stumbles across yet another bizarre occurrence: Ganishka's Daka being handily beaten by all manner of transformed Apostles. Silat then spies Ganishka standing on the balcony of the castle, watching over the battle. The exiled Kushan repeats Rakshas' words in his mind of Ganishka not being the human he appears to be.

Locus stands alone, surrounded by dozens of Daka. In one swift motion, he pivots on the spot with his lance outstretched, and is suddenly able to pass between the Daka without fear of being attacked. Only when he leaves the Daka behind is it revealed that his pivot was really an attack that managed to decapitate them all at once.


Ganishka's fog Apostle form.

While impressed at the band's fighting skill, Ganishka doubts whether they will be able to cut through the vast amount of Daka and pishacha under his command. Suddenly, Ganishka is struck by an arrow fired by the hidden Irvine, but the latter is shocked to see that the arrow harmlessly passed through the Kushan Emperor, whose body dissipates. Just as startlingly, Ganishka's giant face, made of fog, appears behind Irvine and releases a burst of power, destroying the rooftop Irvine is positioned on. Irvine himself manages to evade the attack.

Ganishka's face rises into the air as a giant fog body forms below it. He takes aim at several of the Apostles on the ground and unleashes a torrent of lightning on them, killing them instantly. He demands that the surviving Apostles stand down, but Locus alone challenges Ganishka's order. Ganishka doesn't notice the silhouette of a wing pass in front of the moon.

In the Tower of Rebirth, Charlotte is at work making another embroidery of Griffith while Anna stares out the window, unaware that the thunderclaps she hears are really the result of lightning attacks made by Ganishka.


The shadow on Charlotte's embroidery.

Worried that Charlotte's constant embroidering is bad for the princess' health, Anna asks Charlotte to go to bed. Charlotte complies, but once Anna leaves the room, Charlotte fetches her equipment to continue her embroidery in bed.

A sudden gust of wind alerts Charlotte to the open window. She looks up to see that there is a man in her room, though she cannot make out who it is because the moonlight does not hit him. Fearing for her life, Charlotte presses her embroidery of Griffith's face to her own, only to find that the shadow of the man in the room nearly perfectly fits the face of Griffith that Charlotte depicted on her embroidery.


  1. Silat
  2. Borkoff
  3. Locus
  4. Ganishka
  5. Irvine
  6. Zodd
  7. Anna
  8. Charlotte
  9. Griffith