"A Journey Begins in Flames" is the twenty-second episode of the Berserk 2016 anime and the tenth episode of season two. It covers manga episodes 226 through 230, along with 236.

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Guts takes to battling Grunbeld with renewed vigor. Grunbeld notices how Guts has greatly increased his strength by donning the armor. Guts is able to break through Grunbeld's shield, weapon, and armor, injuring him. However, Guts also begins spouting blood. Schierke comments that his wounds have not healed and that he is doing further damage to his body, but unable to feel pain or fear. She continues to explain the nature of the armor, and that it essentially makes the wearer unstoppable. Grunbeld reflects that his task from Griffith was to kill Guts and thus transforms into his apostle form. Guts uses his sword to crack Grunbeld's corundum skin. Schierke laments that the armor is supporting Guts's broken limbs and that it will eventually drain him of all his blood as it did to the previous user. Isidro demands that Guts be saved. Meanwhile Guts is behaving more and more like a beast. Schierke, guided by the spirit of Flora, finds and motivates Guts' identity to take control back from within the chaos of the armor. Guts' personality returns and he saves Farnese and Casca from an apostle. Grunbeld breathes fire at Guts but the flame is halted by Flora in spirit form. Flora tells them to leave, to which they do as she bids them good luck. Grunbeld is unable to pursue them while she blocks the way.

In Windham, Laban and the Arklaw Knights meet with Foss and his resistance to discuss the situation. The Kushans control the city and have enslaved the civilians, yet princess Charlotte remains a live prisoner. Suddenly they are attacked by Kushan-controlled creatures until Irvine and Locus arrive and kill the creatures, thus saving them. Locus delivers instructions for them to hide and prepare, as Griffith's army is coming.

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