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"Salvation" is episode 218 of the Berserk manga series.



Guts is eager to fight the trolls on his own.

Guts reloads his crossbow and fires another volley into the crowd of trolls. Barely thinning their numbers using this tactic, he decides to draw his Dragon Slayer, inviting the trolls to attack first.

Isidro follows Guts' instructions and stays at the rear of the group of women, lighting explosives with his salamander dagger and killing any passing trolls. Schierke stops to admire Isidro's handiwork, but he urges her to continue moving. She is unused to seeing such a serious and determined side to him.

Farnese and Casca are among the large group of women wandering through the cave behind Schierke. Casca trips on a jutting stone, and a spider-like creature emerges from a side-passage and advances on her; Farnese rushes to Casca's aid and stabs the creature's eye. She realizes once again that she seems to help Casca more than she helps herself, and notices the irony in that she once nearly had Casca executed, and now Casca is the one giving her strength.

Guts swings the Dragon Slayer wildly around, killing multiple trolls with each swing. He relishes the fact that he is not fighting to defend anyone, nor does he have to pull his punches; he allows himself to fight at his utmost.

Schierke stops the group's march through the cave's tunnels, sensing many trolls coming from both in front and behind. She decides to take the front group while Isidro prepares to defend the rear, but neither group of trolls ever even gets close to the group of women; Schierke senses a strange presence coming from the tunnels ahead that dwarfs that of the trolls'. The being from which the presence emanates runs through the tunnel, killing all trolls it comes across and jumping clear over the group of women, leaving them unharmed. Its speed is so great that nobody can make out what it is, and it rushes deeper into the cave, where Guts is located.

Guts has managed to kill the majority of the trolls surrounding him and emerge relatively unscathed. As he removes a large splintered piece of a troll's club from his bicep, he senses an odd feeling coming from his Brand of Sacrifice: something begins to form in the puddle of water in which many trolls' bodies lay.


  1. Guts
  2. Schierke
  3. Ivalera
  4. Isidro
  5. Farnese
  6. Casca
  7. Puck
  8. Skull Knight
  9. Slan