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"Corruption" is episode 216 of the Berserk manga series.



Farnese and Casca inside the trolls' den.

Schierke points Guts and Isidro's attention toward a particularly dark part of the forest that is the Qliphoth. She has determined that it is the trolls' den. To dissuade Guts from blindly wandering into it, Schierke uses thought transference once more to call out to Farnese, who finally hears Schierke's thoughts. After a moment, Farnese is able to remember how she and Casca fell off the roof of Enoch Village's church and confirms to Schierke that she and Casca are unharmed. However, Farnese's thoughts are disrupted when she sees the horde of strange creatures surrounding her feeding on women's corpses; Schierke leads Guts and Isidro into the trolls' den.

Farnese is able to rouse Casca and urges her to move. They run from the advancing creatures, all while Schierke bombards Farnese with mental requests to remain calm. Farnese does not seem to hear them. Farnese flails her silver dagger around behind her as she runs, repelling the creatures that give chase. Eventually, the two girls collapse in a cave, safe from the creatures' pursuit. Farnese is able to collect herself and reestablishes contact with Schierke, assuring the young witch that she and Casca are still safe. Farnese realizes that, during the pursuit, she had wielded her silver dagger in Casca's defense more than her own.

Farnese then hears noises coming from further in the cave. She and Casca approach cautiously until they round a corner and come upon a startling scene: nearly a dozen women being forced to have sex with even more trolls. Farnese and Casca remain unseen by the trolls, and Schierke (who can see the scene by looking into Farnese's mind) urges the girls to remain hidden.

The girls watch as a troll, having had its way with a woman, drags her body along the ground and throws it down a chasm, where it is eaten by creatures similar to those that chased Farnese and Casca only moments before. Hannah, who had been brutally raped and tortured, crawls up to the two girls and begs for help. An instant later, she curls into the fetal position, clutching her stomach. She soon begins to convulse and scream in pain as her stomach distends and explodes, with several baby trolls emerging from the wound. No longer able to contain herself, Farnese screams in terror.


  1. Isidro
  2. Puck
  3. Guts
  4. Schierke
  5. Ivalera
  6. Farnese
  7. Casca