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"Shaman" is episode 214 of the Berserk manga series.


The villagers begin to celebrate as the trolls are washed away in the raging torrent. A gleeful Puck turns to Isidro, who appears dejected rather than happy. The only other person who notices Isidro's mood is Morgan.

Once the trolls have been carried out of the village by the water, Ivalera suggests that Schierke end the flooding of the village. However, the elf soon realizes that Schierke has dived too far into the Astral world and cannot regain control of her own body and stop the spell. When Farnese steps forward to help, Ivalera warns that trying to forcefully bring Schierke back could result in the young witch being forever unable to return to her body.

In the event of her losing control while casting spells, Schierke was taught a method of bringing herself back to the physical world by Flora, which Ivalera in turn teaches to Farnese. As per Ivalera's instructions, Farnese takes Schierke's magic staff and taps it on the roof in a predetermined rhythmic fashion. The rhythm allows Schierke to hear it from within the Astral world and guide herself back to her physical body.

With Schierke now safely back inside her own body, Farnese and Ivalera are relieved. However, the moment of peace is interrupted when Farnese accidentally knocks Casca off the church's roof sending her falling into the receding flood below. Farnese grabs at Casca's hand as she falls, but she succeeds only being pulled into the water with her.

The two girls pass close to Guts as they are dragged away. They reach out to each other, but never touch, and Farnese and Casca flow further away. Using magic, Schierke takes control of a log that floats in the water, willing it to move toward the girls, who latch onto it. However, they are dragged out of the village entirely as the last of the water recedes.


Guts advises that Schierke not blame herself for Farnese and Casca's predicament.

After a few hours of searching, Guts, Serpico, Schierke and Isidro cannot find Casca and Farnese. Schierke reaches out with her mind to sense the od of the girls, but cannot maintain her control as she blames herself for their being dragged away in the first place. Guts places a reassuring hand on Schierke's shoulder and advises that she not be so tense. He pats her head, rendering the young girl bashful.

Suddenly, Schierke is able to sense the girls' od. She can feel that they are unharmed, but relays the sad news to the group that they are unconscious and are being kidnapped by trolls.


  1. Guts
  2. Casca
  3. Farnese
  4. Ivalera
  5. Schierke
  6. Puck
  7. Isidro
  8. Morgan
  9. Serpico
  10. Flora (Image)