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"Torrent" is episode 213 of the Berserk manga series.


Serpico's rapier is wedged in the kelpie's jaw. Though its eye has been poked out as a result, the kelpie manages to use the water at its feet to wash Serpico away, sending him directly into a small group of trolls. He lands directly on one of their weapons, giving him a shallow wound on his back. The trolls run away in fear. Guts turns from the ogre to check on Serpico, narrowly avoiding another beam of wood thrown by it.

Serpico stands to face the kelpie once more. It fires more balls of water, but these are blocked by a wall of water that the kelpie doesn't control. It suddenly loses its manipulative powers as the water surrounding it begins to flow toward the nearby trolls, creating small water spouts that engulf them.

Farnese turns to see that the person now in control of the water is Schierke, who has temporarily surrendered her body to a water spirit to allow it to act within the physical world. Using Schierke's body, the spirit assumes control of all the water in the area, bidding it to swell and flow.

To the people watching Schierke, this seems to result in the creation of an earthquake. Its source is soon revealed: the spirit possessing Schierke has taken control of the water in the stream just outside Enoch Village and is controlling its flow, creating a flood that targets everything outside Schierke's bulwark, which Guts has reentered. Just as Schierke was shocked to see what Guts could do with only his mind and body, Guts is now shocked to see what Schierke can achieve with magic.


Guts kills the ogre while it resists the current.

Guts watches as the trolls and kelpie are washed away in the flood, though the giant ogre is able to resist its current. Guts jumps from within the bulwark's boundary and manages to slice the ogre's head off before grabbing onto some rubble, preventing himself from being washed away.

Serpico has also managed to find some rubble to hold onto. Seeing the kelpie be washed away, he aims one final air-slice at it, severing its head. With no control over the water, the kelpie was defenseless.

Isidro watches the scene around him. The mere sight of the great power Schierke possesses brings him to tears. He looks up at the roof of the church, where Schierke stands with her arms raised.


  1. Serpico
  2. Casca
  3. Farnese
  4. Guts
  5. Isidro
  6. Puck
  7. Schierke
  8. Ivalera