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"Evil Horde (2)" is episode 212 of the Berserk manga series.


The kelpie fires several water blasts at Serpico, whose sylph cloak deflects the brunt of the attacks. He swings his sword, sending a blade of wind at the kelpie. It raises a wall of water to block the blow. Serpico ultimately decides that the kelpie is the opponent he wants to focus on, allowing Guts to fight the ogre, his own style of opponent.

Guts charges as the ogre swings a beam of wood like a sword. The Dragon Slayer easily shatters the wood, surprising the hulking titan. It arms itself with the roof of a house, which it brings down on Guts. The Black Swordsman holds the Dragon Slayer above his head, slicing through the roof before it can crush him. He then slices the ogre across its torso, sending it falling backward into another house.

The surrounding trolls swarm the presumably deceased ogre, intending to devour it. In reality it is alive, and it swipes at the nearest troll, sending it flying into the bulwark's boundaries where it spontaneously combusts. Isidro stares at it, angry that he cannot help Guts or Serpico.


Schierke in the Astral world.

Schierke has mentally entered the Astral world once more in search of help. She comes across the Astral version of the church she stands on, which was once a shrine to undines - water Elementals. The undines suddenly become restless and agitated, this being a reflection of what is currently occurring in the physical world: the kelpie has attacked with its water jets once more. Serpico dodges all but one, which hits his shoulder and sends him hurtling to the ground. The kelpie then wraps its frog-like tongue around his ankle, but Serpico severs it with a gust of wind from his sword.


Serpico manages to distract and stab the kelpie.

There is a pause in the battle in which Serpico realizes that he is hardly a match for the kelpie. He is then shocked to see that it has manipulated the water at his feet to hold his ankles in place. The water slowly flows up his body, forming a kind of shell around him; the kelpie intends to drown him. Serpico is able to repel the water through the use of his sylph cloak, which sends the water shooting out in all directions.

Suddenly aware that sylphs are capable of more than manipulating just wind, Serpico uses his sword to make the sylphs in it carry the water on the ground toward the kelpie, forming a vortex around it. As it looks around, stunned, Serpico draws his old rapier and stabs it beneath the jaw.


  1. Serpico
  2. Guts
  3. Casca
  4. Farnese
  5. Schierke
  6. Ivalera
  7. Puck
  8. Isidro