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"Arcana of Invocation" is episode 210 of the Berserk manga series.


Guts watches as Schierke's barrier exudes a four-hued light around the church. Inside the building proper, the trolls within the barrier spontaneously combust. The light also washes over Morgan, whose wound begins to heal. Puck also notes that he himself feels particularly powerful.

The trolls atop the church are also killed, amazing the priest, Farnese, Casca and Serpico. The priest demands an explanation from Schierke, and she explains that she has erected a bulwark around the church that will destroy all Astral beings who wish to cause harm to the villagers within and that the barrier's only weakness is that she must consciously maintain it with her mind. As the priest keels over in disbelief, Schierke elaborates on her ritual, saying that she has brought four great beings from the Astral world into the physical world to help them, and adds that the four great beings happen to appear in Holy See scripture.

Farnese is just as shocked as the priest. She tells Schierke that the deities that exist in scripture do not have the same concrete powers as the forces Schierke has just summoned, and that a church is for communing with God. Schierke simply replies that summoning the Four Invisible Kings requires the creating of a "church" in a magician's mind. Doing so allows a magic user to perceive beings of the Astral world as though they were in the physical world. This explanation draws even the priest's admiration.

Guts, who stands just within the bulwark's boundary, looks up at Schierke, impressed at the magic she was able to accomplish. A low rumbling noise draws his gaze back to the village, from which he hears thumping footsteps. Eventually, a gigantic creature which only minimally resembles the trolls emerges from between two houses, a creature Schierke recognizes as an ogre. She does not understand how a creature that normally exists in a relatively deep layer of the Astral world is clearly visible in the physical world.


The ogre uses its improvised weapon.

The ogre steps forward and attempts to pass through the bulwark that Schierke has erected, but the magic is strong enough to prevent it from entering. After a moment, it reaches to the ground for a large beam of wood, which it throws through the air like a javelin. The wood, which is neither sentient nor from the Astral world and thus able to pass through the bulwark, strikes the church so hard that several bricks are dislodged and crush the people within it.


  1. Guts
  2. Puck
  3. Isidro
  4. Serpico
  5. Casca
  6. Schierke
  7. Ivalera