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"Magic" is episode 209 of the Berserk manga series.


Guts, Serpico and Isidro continue to fight, during which Isidro discovers that throwing consecrated berries into the trolls' mouths makes the berries burst into flame. Guts and Serpico notice that Farnese and Casca are also atop the church with Schierke and the priest, so Guts sends Serpico and Isidro to help them while he stays on the ground and fends off the trolls alone.

Serpico and Isidro force their way through the crowd into the heart of the church to see the cause of a large commotion: several trolls have made it into the church. Feeling the sylphs in his cloak begin to stir and become more restless, Serpico uses their new energy to jump clear over several villagers' heads to put himself between them and the trolls. Isidro is forced to crawl between the villagers' legs and unintentionally burns his face on his dagger while doing so; his pride sustains the worst wound.

Atop the church, Farnese is horrified to see that Casca has been surrounded by trolls. She draws her dagger and swings it wildly around the trolls, who part in fear of the silver and allow Farnese to reach Casca unharmed. The priest's full attention rests on the girl and the trolls, leaving Schierke free to complete her ritual.

Inside the church, Isidro throws more berries into the mouths of the trolls until he decides to test out his new sword skills. Using the same tactic as in his last sparring session with Guts, Isidro uses only his sword against the troll until he spots an opening in its defense, whereupon he draws his dagger and aims a strike with it at the troll's stomach. However, Isidro's spin throws him off-balance, causing his attack to miss. The troll takes the opportunity to swings its makeshift mace directly at Isidro, who is saved just in time by Morgan, who throws himself over the boy and takes the brunt of the attack, nearly resulting in his death. His sacrifice inspires the other villagers to fight against the trolls while Isidro tries in vain to wake the old man up.


Schierke erects a barrier around the church.

Schierke's ritual manifests as a mental excursion into the deepest layers of the Astral world. She calls upon the Four Invisible Kings - the Elementals who act as monarchs over the four types of Elementals - to aid her in protecting the villagers. The ritual ends, and the effects of Schierke's machinations are immediately visible: the many layers of clouds above the church part instantly in a circular pattern, as though the church is protected by an invisible wall that stretches up to the sky.


  1. Guts
  2. Serpico
  3. Isidro
  4. Puck
  5. Schierke
  6. Farnese
  7. Ivalera
  8. Casca
  9. Morgan
  10. Four Kings of the World