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"Mirror of Sins" is episode 208 of the Berserk manga series.


With only a moderate effort, Guts carves a bloody path through the sea of trolls. The villagers and the village priest are dumbfounded at how effective Guts is against them. Even Schierke has an uneasy feeling when she sees that Guts is perfectly capable even without the use of magic, suspecting that his strength either stems from the fact that he exists in the Interstice or else comes from the sensation she feels emanating from the Dragon Slayer.

Schierke stands atop the church, having just finished preparing for the enacting of her plan. She commands the villagers to take refuge within the church, and after some deliberation by the priest, they acquiesce. However, the priest emerges atop the church and orders Schierke to descend to ground level, offended that she is performing witchcraft so close to a house of God.

As Guts, Serpico and Isidro buy Schierke time so she can enact her plan (by her instruction via thought transference), Farnese and Casca appear on the church's roof behind the priest to stop him from interfering with Schierke's magic ritual. Though Farnese begs the priest to understand that Schierke is acting in the villagers' best interest, the priest claims that the troll raid is the will of God and that the villagers must suffer it to remain in God's good graces. Farnese suddenly sees her old self in the priest and cannot bring herself to speak any longer.


The trolls flood into Enoch Village.

Casca then grabs at Farnese's cloak, an action from which Farnese derives some strength. She approaches the priest once more as he grabs at Schierke's cloak. Due to being in the middle of a ritual, Schierke has entered a trance-like state and cannot respond, so Farnese comes to her defense. Just as she removes the priest's hands from Schierke, the two of them notice that a few trolls have managed to climb to the church's roof.

Inside the church, the villagers are stunned to see that there are already trolls inside it, waiting for them.


  1. Guts
  2. Farnese
  3. Casca
  4. Isidro
  5. Puck
  6. Serpico
  7. Ivalera
  8. Schierke
  9. Morgan