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"Sword Wind" is episode 1 of the Berserk manga series.


Two huge armies clash together in a vast field, one side being the forces of Midland, led by the King of Midland, and the other the armies of the rival kingdom of Tudor. A regiment of Tudor soldiers, the Black Sheep Iron Spear Knights, is particularly effective at dispatching Midland's soldiers. After finishing another charge through Midland's forces, they come across a lone man sitting atop his horse in the distance. The Black Sheep's leader, thinking the man is a lowly Midland soldier trying to put on a show of bravery, make a wedge formation and charge. But the lone man is revealed to be Guts as he draws his sword and effortlessly cuts through the wedge, killing the leader while clearing a path for the Band of the Falcon to enter the battle. Once the band secure the area, Griffith exchanges a glance with Guts, before heading back to their fortress to celebrate.

Manga E1 Viscount Griffith

Griffith is made a viscount of the Kingdom of Midland.

As Guts' men prepare to drink to their victory, Casca interrupts and asks to see Guts alone. The mercenaries under Guts' command know by instinct that a meeting between the two always results in an argument. Alone together, Casca chastises Guts for not acting to the plan as he was meant to be a decoy and not supposed to face the enemy alone. While at first Guts is aloof and apologetic during the scolding, his anger flares and things come to a head when Casca accuses Guts of being nothing more but a rabid dog looking for a fight. The situation is diffused by the sudden appearance of Griffith, who wants to speak to Guts alone. Guts tells Griffith that he does care about the band, despite his questionable actions when in the heat of battle. Later, as a reward for saving Midland's forces from Tudor armies, the Band of the Falcon is officially recognized by the King of Midland, and Griffith, as its leader is awarded a knighthood and the title of viscount. After explaining Corkus what this means for the band, Casca notices Guts isn't present at the ceremony. Instead, he's opted to train in the courtyard of the band headquarters.


  1. King of Midland
  2. Gien
  3. Guts
  4. Griffith
  5. Gaston
  6. Casca
  7. Gaston
  8. Judeau
  9. Pippin