Template:Chapter Prepared For Death (2) (決死行(2) Kesshikō (2)?) is the 19th chapter of the Berserk manga series, written and masterfully illustrated by Kentaro Miura.


The real fight begins, and Adon orders his men to gang up on Guts and Casca, rather than attack one at a time. Guts, thanks to his big sword and his bigger strength, is able to easily swipe right through opponents and kill more than one per swing. Meanwhile, the smaller and more agile Casca jumps quickly from one opponent to another, choosing to incapacitate when she can't kill swiftly enough.

Guts and Casca are able to maneuver themselves back to each other, and Adon calls his younger brother Samson to fight. Despite being the younger of the pair, Samson is nearly twice Adon's size, who is already twice the size of normal men. Samson, armed with a massive flail, swings wildly at Guts, whose enormous sword allows him to deflect the iron ball rather than needing to dodge it. Guts and Samson's fight escalates, and they both increase the speed of their attacks.

Casca wonders why Guts deflects the blow rather than evade, and she realizes he's doing it to protect her. She then notices blood leaking from beneath his armor, and Adon points out the arrow wound he inflicted on Guts has reopened.

Between Samson's attacks, Guts tells Casca he's going to clear a path through which she can escape the soldiers. Samson attacks again, but this time, Guts doesn't deflect the flail, and instead completely shatters it. He uses the opportunity to kill the surprised Samson. With him out of the way - and Casca's path cleared - Guts tells her to leave, but she refuses. Suddenly alerted to their plan, Adon order his crossbowmen fire at Casca. They loose, but Guts runs into their path and uses his armor to block the arrows, though his bare arm is struck.

As Guts removes the arrow, he tells Casca not to get the wrong idea, and that he took the blow so that Casca could return to Griffith and be at his side. Casca watches on as Guts prepares to fight the rest of Adon's forces alone.

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