"The Arcana of Invocation" is the nineteenth episode of the Berserk 2016 anime and the seventh episode of season two. It covers manga episodes 210 through 215.

Overview[edit | edit source]

As the trolls caught in the barrier are dying off, the priest of Enoch Village demands an explanation from Schierke. The girl reveals is that she established a barrier that is maintained by her concentration and designed to destroy any Astral Being with malicious intent. She also adds that the four entities she summoned to aid her, the Four Kings of the World, are the same beings that the Holy See described in their scripture as guardian angels. But the relief was short lived as Guts sees a gigantic creature approaching the church as it begins to rain, Schierke recognizing the beast as ogre as it indirectly bypasses the barrier by throwing large beam of woods at the church.

After Schierke telepathically tells Guts to hold the monster while she casts another spell, the swordsman finds himself dealing both troll reinforcements and a kelpie that wandered into the village. Serpico decides to deal with the kelpie, getting wounded in the process, as Schierke manages to reach the residential guardian spirit of Enoch Village: The Lady of the Depths. With Schierke allowing the spirit to use her body as a medium, the Lady of the Depths manipulates the stream outside Enoch Village to flood the village and wash away everything outside the barrier. Both Guts and Serpico manage to kill off their respective monster opponents as the trolls are carried off in the raging torrent.

But Schierke is revealed to have dived too far into the Astral Plane to regain control of her own body and stop the spell, Ivalera telling Farnese of method to safely return Schierke to them. But the celebration is short-lived when Casca is accidently knocked into the torrent with Farnese jumping in after her as the two girls are carried off in the current with Schierke magically providing them a log to hang on to. As the villagers celebrate, Schierke tracks Casca and Farnese with magic and senses that they have been captured by the trolls.

Despite the villagers' gratitude, Schierke feels responsible for the destruction caused by her inexperience. She receives permission from the priest to build a shrine in the village to appease the Lady of the Depths. Isidro receives a shortsword from Morgan to improve his fighting skills. The group then leave Serpico behind to have his wounds tended too while they enter the forest after the trolls.

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