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"Ready to Die (1)" is episode 18 of the Berserk manga series.



Casca resents that Guts is the person Griffith relies on the most.

Casca dives into another story, this time of the Band of the Falcon's first meeting with Guts. Before they'd met him, Casca's wish was to be a person without whom Griffith would not be able to achieve his dream. Casca's world was flipped upside down when Griffith actively sought to recruit Guts, something he'd never done for anyone else before. She's noticed that while Griffith is usually graceful and deliberate, he gets impulsive when Guts is involved. She tells Guts that Griffith has come to rely on him, and that reliance, coupled with Guts' tendency to try and solve his own problems alone, has nearly caused Griffith's death multiple times, and she hates Guts for it. Casca is angry that the person Griffith relies the most on is also the person who seems to care the least about Griffith's dream.

As Casca sinks into and cries in Guts' chest, he hears soldiers outside the cave. Remaining silent, Guts and Casca listen to the armed men, who desire the bounty put on Guts and Casca's heads by Adon. The men begin to search downstream, and closer to the cave, so Guts gives Casca a short-term remedy for her fever to prepare for their escape at dusk.

A while into their search for a way up the cliff, Casca collapses due to her lower body pains and her fever, but Guts manages to motivate her by telling her that the enemy forces don't care for any problems she may have as a woman. As they begin to move, Guts notices an arrow flying in their direction. He pushes Casca out of its path, but the reality of the situation is quickly revealed; they've walked right into an ambush, and are surrounded by dozens of Adon's soldiers.

Adon, who since his suffering his injuries at Guts' hands has gotten his face bandaged, tells Guts and Casca that he plans to take them prisoner, Guts to be tortured, and Casca to be raped. Guts retorts with a quip that whatever body parts Adon's men put into Casca's mouth they would lose, a remark that earns him an elbow smack to the head by Casca.

The joke has also angered Adon, who orders his men to attack. However, the disparity between their skills and Guts and Casca's is immediately clear when the latter two effortlessly kill a few soldiers before standing back-to-back, ready to face the dozens left over.


  1. Griffith (flashback)
  2. Casca
  3. Guts
  4. Adon Coborlwitz