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"War Cry of the Wind (1)" is episode 183 of the Berserk manga series.


Griffith and his horse canter along through the town square, the armed Kushan and the prisoners all watching him intently. Silat in particular is so stunned at seeing Griffith that he barely notices the Falcon of Light move past him and right up to the Kushan general. Not uttering a word, Griffith draws his sword and thrusts it through the general's eye, killing him.

Manga E183 Griffith Unchallenged

Griffith sits still on his horse while the arrows fired by the Kushan archers all miss their mark.

After a moment of stunned silence, the general's second-in-command orders the nearby soldiers to draw and fire their arrows. The hail of arrows flies directly toward Griffith, who doesn't even turn his head to look at them. A moment later, the arrows all land point-first in the ground on Griffith's other side. He appears utterly bored.

The Kushan don't comprehend how their arrows could have missed their mark so drastically. They suspect Griffith of having dodged the arrows, but neither the man nor his horse had moved a muscle. The second-in-command writes the whole thing off as a coincidence and orders his men to fire another volley of arrows. Before they can, however, the soldiers are slaughtered from behind by an armored and human Zodd, who wields both a massive sword and war axe.

The Kushan soldiers decide to focus their efforts on disabling Zodd. They spin around to face their new enemy, but the soldiers at the front of their ranks are all killed instantly by a single thrust of a long lance. The horseman wielding said lance comes to a halt a few feet from Griffith and raises the mask of his helmet. He introduces himself as Locus, and explains that he was led to the city by the guidance of an oracle. He offers himself to the Falcon of Light, who accepts Locus' service. Zodd and Locus then turn to the Kushan soldiers and begin to fight. Griffith watches with his sword drawn, but unmoving.

The female prisoners have all heard Griffith and Locus' conversation and are delighted to find out that Griffith is really alive. The small girl among them in particular is affected by Griffith's sudden appearance, so much so that she uses her teeth to unfasten her bindings and run toward him. The more she approaches him, the more entranced she becomes, until finally she stops approaching him altogether and simply stares up at him.


  1. Griffith
  2. Silat
  3. Tapasa
  4. Sonia
  5. Zodd
  6. Locus (First appearance)