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"Reunion on the Hill of Swords" is episode 178 of the Berserk manga series.


Manga E178 Griffith Unmoved

Griffith's new armor.

Guts has climbed to the crest of the hill where Rickert and Griffith converse. He stands a few feet away from them, boiling with rage at the sight of his old friend. Griffith leers back at him. He is now clothed, wearing white hawk-themed armor with feather-shaped protrusions extending from its joints and a cape that billows in the wind.

Guts howls with rage and charges forward, his hand on the sheathed Dragon Slayer. Rickert quickly places himself between Guts and Griffith, wrapping his arms around the former and stopping his reckless advance. The boy doesn't understand why Guts is so dead-set on fighting and urges the Black Swordsman to realize that Griffith is their friend, but Guts has long since stopped viewing Griffith this way. When he looks at Griffith, all Guts sees is the malevolent Femto. He yells that Griffith is not the same person he was when he led the Band of the Falcon. Guts' Brand of Sacrifice gushes blood.

Griffith speaks now. He is calm and composed, saying that Guts hasn't changed from the state he was at the moment he was inducted into the Band of the Falcon. The mere sound of Griffith's voice sends another wave of anger through Guts. He asks why Griffith has come to Godot's home, and the White Falcon explains that the ruins of Albion were hardly the place for a private conversation. He finds the hill they are on a much better setting for their reunion, recognizing that, in a manner of speaking, the Band of the Falcon is assembled once more. Additionally, Griffith is there to see if anything will shake his heart as he stands before Guts, adding that it seems he's free. Guts angrily asks whether this means that Griffith does not feel anything after his betrayal of the Band of the Falcon. Griffith replies that he won't betray his dream.


Guts and Zodd locks blades, one warrior bent on killing Griffith and the other desiring to protect him.

Guts is angrier than ever before. He pushes Rickert away and charges once more. Drawing the Dragon Slayer, he brings its heavy blade down directly over the unflinching Griffith's head. Right before the moment of impact, the blade is blocked by Zodd in human form. The apostle is wearing only a loincloth and armed with a single blade roughly equivalent in size to the Dragon Slayer.

Their blades remain locked for a long moment. Guts is still livid, and Zodd greets the Black Swordsman. Rickert watches the two warriors with fright. Griffith watches with indifference. Inside the house, Erica notices Casca place a hand on her own chest, feeling a painful sensation in her Brand of Sacrifice. Puck feels a presence.


  1. Rickert
  2. Guts
  3. Griffith
  4. Zodd
  5. Casca
  6. Erica
  7. Puck