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"Arrival" is episode 175 of the Berserk manga series.


Manga E175 Femto Incarnate

Griffith returns to the mortal world.

What Guts sees seems to stop space and time. It drowns out every noise and he can focus on nothing else. Standing atop the ruins of the Tower of Conviction is Griffith. He is naked and basking in the morning sunlight with his eyes closed, but he appears very much to be human. All traces of his torture have vanished. He is exactly as he was in his prime.

It's not only Guts who is transfixed by Griffith's sudden appearance. Everybody present, including the Kushan scouts, gaze upon Griffith in awe. The first to move is Zodd, who walks right up to the White Falcon and drops to his knees before him. Griffith calmly turns to face the monster and places his hand on Zodd's head, as though petting him.

Guts begins to move toward his former friend, raring to kill him. His brisk pace slows just as quickly as it begins. Despite Griffith finally being within Guts' reach after two years of transcended existence, Guts cannot bring himself to move. The only thing he perceives besides the sight of Griffith is the small sound of Casca's moans behind him - Casca's presence has halted Guts.

Griffith is the person that Silat has also been searching for. He orders his scouts to capture Griffith. Zodd also hears the order and immediately springs to Griffith's defense. He charges back toward the scouts begins to massacre them.


The apparently human Griffith bearing the demon Femto's eyes.

Azan leads Serpico, Farnese, Isidro, Nina, Jerome and Luca away from the battle, killing any scouts who block their path. Farnese in particular seems reluctant to leave, being distracted by the sight of Zodd annihilating the Kushan. Isidro notices that Guts and Casca are far removed from the group and are completely surrounded by scouts.

Casca slowly walks forward with her hands outstretched. As she walks past Guts, he grabs her and prevents her from approaching Griffith. She doesn't seem to hate the White Falcon like Guts does. Rather, she seems to want to reach him out of admiration or awe. Griffith slowly turns his head to face Guts and Casca. He opens his eyes, revealing the only part of himself which indicates his status as a God Hand: his eyes. They are not like they were before the Eclipse; rather, they have slitted pupils, like Femto's.