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"Falling Sky" is episode 173 of the Berserk manga series.



The Demon Child metamorphoses into a different being entirely.

Puck calls Guts' attention to the latter's satchel. The elf lifts its flap open, revealing that the Beherit within is vibrating in response to the horrors happening around it. Suddenly, a burst of pain emanates from Guts' Brand of Sacrifice. He doubles over, putting his hand on Casca's shoulder. She has also fallen to the ground due to the pain she feels coming from her own Brand.

The spirits that make up the giant hand all cry out in unison for God; at that moment, the fingers of the hand clench into a fist. The Demon Child, now in the form of a regular baby, is still inside the Egg-Shaped Apostle. It begins to grow, as though aging rapidly. Its torso and limbs all elongate, and it sprouts long white hair on its head. The Egg-Shaped Apostle's dream of birthing a new, better world begins to come to fruition. The Apostle cracks open like an egg that is about to hatch.


The Tower of Conviction no longer casts a looming shadow over Albion.

The spirits that coat the Tower of Conviction have all begun to vomit blood. Suddenly, the Tower begins to collapse completely, sending spirits, refugees and bricks raining down over Albion. Guts warns his group to take cover behind the parapet of the wall they stand on. With an almighty crash, the Tower of Conviction topples over completely, knocking over a large portion of the defensive wall of Albion.

The smoke and dust clear, revealing the morning sun, which shines triumphantly over Albion amid a bright blue sky. The Tower of Conviction, which once loomed ominously over the town as both a symbol of faith and oppression, now exists as a large pile of rubble.