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"Tsunami of Darkness (1)" is episode 170 of the Berserk manga series.


Mozgus' flames spew out of the hole in his chest. Knowing that his life is about to come to an end, he offers one last prayer to God and vows to kill the Black Swordsman along with himself. He grabs the blade of the Dragon Slayer, the end of which is still impaled through his wound, and wraps his wings around Guts, restraining him.


Guts flips Mozgus over the battlements of Albion, claiming victory over him.

Guts has no intention of being taken out so easily. He kneels down and turns his back to Mozgus. With one great heave, he swings the Dragon Slayer over his shoulder, Mozgus following it over Guts' back. Once Mozgus is high in the air, Guts lifts himself up, flipping Mozgus over his entire body and sending the inquisitor falling to the ground where the refugees are. Along with Farnese, who watches atop the wall, the refugees are shocked to see Mozgus land flat on his back. Upon impact with the ground, the scales on Mozgus' body vanish and his muscles shrink to their normal size. His death has reverted him back to his human form, the only remnants of his monstrous form being the feathers that slowly float to the ground.


Guts shares a brief moment of respite with Casca.

After a pregnant pause, the refugees begin to scream in terror. The giant spirits that roam along the ground close in around them. As they approach, the humans closest to their shapeless forms are absorbed into them. Jerome and Isidro look out over the entire scene. The refugees who are pressed up against the wall beg Jerome and Isidro to kill Casca, believing her death will make the spirits go away. The pair turn around to look at Casca and see her clutching her own arms, sweating and panting. Puck flies over to her to assess her situation, but she swats the tiny elf away.

The next person to approach her is Guts, who forcibly pulls her into a protective hug as she limply reaches out to something behind him, moaning.