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"Casca (1)" is episode 15 of the Berserk manga series.


Impressed by Guts' ability to block his attack, Adon prepares his "ultimate technique", but during the charge-up period, Guts brings his sword down on Adon's helmet, and subsequently across it, shearing off the right side of Adon's face. He survives the attack, but is too wounded and frightened to continue fighting.


Guts and Casca fall from the cliff.

Guts asks why Casca's skills are suddenly lacking, but, too tired to come up with a rebuttal, Casca passes out. As she is standing at the lip of a cliff, Guts reaches down from his horse to catch her, only to be pierced in the side by an arrow shot by Adon. The combination of Casca's weight and the wound in his stomach sends them both off the cliff and into a deep stream far below, to the other Band of the Falcon members' horror.

As the battle rages on above them, Guts manages to pull Casca from the water and onto dry land. It has begun to rain. He leans down over Casca and, when he doesn't hear her breathe, resuscitates her, and she successfully coughs up the water. Suddenly remembering the crossbow bolt in his side, Guts grabs hold and yanks it out.

It would be impossible for Guts to scale the cliff and bring Casca along with him, and the rain has caused a deathly chill which, coupled with a fever Casca's begun to suffer, could mean her life. Guts spots a shallow cave nearby.

The battle has ended atop the cliff. Judeau and Gaston, who witnessed Guts and Casca's fall, report the event to Griffith. Judeau and Gaston ask Griffith to send a search party below the cliff in search of their lost unit commanders, but two other members decide that their numbers are too low to spare a search party, and claim that two soldiers of Guts and Casca's caliber will be able to find their way up on their own. Griffith remains conflicted over what course of action to take.

Manga E15 Rewarming

Guts watches over Casca.

Guts has dragged Casca into the cave, where he bandages his arrow wound. Despite them both being freezing cold, Guts can't risk lighting a fire for fear of being spotted by enemy soldiers. He notices Casca shivering in her sleep, and, not able to think of any alternatives, strips her naked to get her out of her cold, wet clothes.

After removing her trousers, Guts notices blood on his hand. After initially thinking it stemmed from a wound, he quickly realizes that the blood, her stomach pains and her fever are due to her menstruating.

Guts silently wonders how difficult it must be living as a woman. Cradling Casca to his chest for warmth and his sword to his arm for protection, Guts prepares to wait out the night.


  1. Adon Coborlwitz
  2. Casca
  3. Guts
  4. Judeau
  5. Griffith
  6. Gaston