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"Hell's Angels" is episode 157 of the Berserk manga series.


Mozgus retreats further into the hall with his disciples and the unconscious Casca. Guts throws several knives at the now-winged inquisitor, but they are blocked by the crow-man's spiked collar-spear. Mozgus, believing himself God's emissary, berates Guts for rebelling against God.

Guts realizes that Mozgus and his disciples have been turned into pseudo-Apostles, humans given monster-like power directly from another Apostle, not the God Hand. Though pseudo-Apostles are generally not as strong as regular Apostles, Guts is outnumbered seven to one in this case. He dodges the first attack, a claw thrown by the tallest winged disciple, then takes advantage in the opening in its defenses and uses his Dragon Slayer to slice its right arm off, along with the right portion of its head.

The next disciple to attack is the smallest pliers-wielding one, who sneaks up behind Guts. Guts senses it coming and spins around with his metal arm outstretched to strike it, but doesn't make contact. The disciple has flown around Guts and is right in front of him, so the swordsman launches a kick in its direction. That kick, just like Guts' first attack, also hits nothing. Having lost track of his enemy, Guts barely sees its next attack coming. The pliers-wielder intends to use its tool to gouge out Guts' remaining eye, but the Black Swordsman swivels his neck and catches the pliers between his teeth. Now defenseless, the pseudo-Apostle is given a headbutt from Guts, which stuns it. Guts swings his Dragon Slayer in an attempt to finish it off, but it quickly recovers and manages to dodge.

The pliers-wielder switches place with the muscle-bound and wheel-wielding disciple, who charges full-speed at Guts, using its wheel like a ram. A well-timed swing from the Dragon Slayer knocks the disciple's charge off-course, and it destroys several pillars near Isidro. Guts also has been knocked off his feet, and slides on the floor before hitting a railing.


The scene Farnese walks in on at the top of the staircase.

At that moment, Farnese has finally finished climbing the long flight of stairs to the top of the Tower of Conviction, and the scene she walks in on is utterly unexpected: Jerome, Isidro and Nina are hiding near the top of the stairs; a hole has been blown into the wall, looking out into the open air; Guts is on one side of the room, lying on the floor; the wheel disciple is on the other, covered in rubble, wings sprouting from his shoulder blades.

Guts is the first to move, standing up to continue the fight. His attacks have knocked off the disciples' masks, revealing their deformities. The wheel disciple has the face of a small child on its muscle-bound body, the pliers disciple has a cleft face, and the clamp disciple has an enormous protrusion on its forehead. Furthermore, the latter is holding its severed arm between its teeth. Mozgus and his three remaining disciples are standing behind Guts; Casca is still in the inquisitor's arms.


  1. Casca
  2. Guts
  3. Mozgus
  4. Jerome
  5. Isidro
  6. Puck
  7. Nina
  8. Farnese