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"Battle" is episode 14 of the Berserk manga series.


Under a dark sky, as the occasional lightning bolt strikes, the Band of the Falcon stands before the opposing Tudor forces. During both the metaphorical and literal calm before the storm, Casca silently complains of abdominal pain, though when Judeau asks about her condition, she quickly reassures him that it's nothing.


Casca is knocked off her horse.

Griffith orders the charge, and the mercenaries clash with Tudor's in a tremendous battle. The armies seem evenly matched, though the talented Band of the Falcon has no trouble dispatching the Tudor soldiers, with one exception: Casca, still suffering from her stomach pains, kills her large opponent with some effort, before a titanic man in intimidating armor, Adon, presents himself before her. Casca's reputation as the sole female in Griffith's band, in command of hundreds of men has spread to Tudor, and he wonders aloud whether or not her position was the result of her sneaking into Griffith's bedroom. His words greatly anger her, and she attacks recklessly.

Adon easily blocks her sword slash and smashes her head with his trident, knocking her off her horse. He engages her in combat, but the blow sustained to her head combined with her abdominal troubles results in a lack of stamina, and she can barely put up any resistance.


Guts saves Casca from a deadly attack.

Adon offers her a chance at life: she comes with him as his prisoner -becoming his army's harlot-, or his next strike will be the deciding blow. Casca refuses, and she accepts her fate as Adon brings the trident down. It is blocked by the timely arrival of Guts, who asks why Casca is behaving unlike her regular self.

Guts knocks Adon back easily with his sword, and they steel themselves to go all out against each other.


  1. Casca
  2. Judeau
  3. Griffith
  4. Adon Coborlwitz
  5. Guts