"Departure for the Front" is episode 13 of the Berserk manga.


It's time for a pivotal battle of the Hundred-Year War, and Griffith, in his hawk armor, is leaving Wyndham for the battlefield. On the way out, he is greeted by Minister Foss, who brings up the subject of Julius and Adonis' deaths, claiming it is a tragedy beset on humanity by the gods. Griffith replies that it is not the gods who are responsible for the tribulation, but men themselves.

Foss informs Griffith that a new theory concerning his own near loss of life during the hunting session has appeared, one that claims that the arrow was not aimed at Charlotte, but at Griffith, and the assassin may not have been of Tudor origin. Griffith feigns surprise at this new rumor, dismissing it as ridiculous. Griffith leaves, and Foss thinks to himself, revealing that the purpose of the conversation was to trick Griffith into letting it slip that he was responsible for the deaths of Julius and Adonis, but the ploy was unsuccessful. Foss considers that there are many nobles besides Julius who harbor a disdain for Griffith, and he can use them all to engineer Griffith's downfall. As he prepares to leave, Foss looks down the hall where, from the shadows, Griffith briefly gazes at him, and then turns to leave.

In Wyndham's main hall, Casca notices Griffith descending the flight of stairs. Before she can get his attention, however, Charlotte calls out for Griffith to wait. She gifts Griffith with a mineral called a lodestone carved in the shape of a knight. She is in possession of the other lodestone, shaped like a noblewoman, and says that the lodestones, which are attracted magnetically to each other, will bring Griffith good fortune in the upcoming battle. Griffith accepts the gift, and Charlotte asks Casca, who has ducked behind a large flowerpot, to keep Griffith safe.

After Griffith and Casca leave, Charlotte is intercepted by her stepmother, the Queen of Midland, who chastises her for associating with a commoner like Griffith. Charlotte escapes deeper into the castle, dejected.

As Griffith orders the Falcons to mobilize, Guts thinks back on Griffith's definition of a true friend. He lowers his visor, ready for battle, but remains downhearted.

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