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"Kushan Scouts (2)" is episode 134 of the Berserk manga series.



An example of the skills Guts has cultivated during his two-year stint as an Apostle hunter.

Four Kushan scouts all pounce at once, their weapons drawn. Guts, who is now in peak condition after resting at Godot's, swings the newly-mended Dragon Slayer through the four of them in one effortless swing, shocking the remaining scouts and Isidro.

Guts, who isn't aware of who the Kushan scouts are loyal to, simply asks them to clear the way so he may pass through the village. He determines that his request has been denied when a scout jumps from a rooftop in a surprise attack. Guts raises his prosthetic hand and punches the scout's face, caving it in. Isidro stares more in awe than in fear.

The boy's attention is drawn by Puck, who warns Isidro to keep his head down while Guts fights the scouts. The Kushan throw some of their exotic weapons at Guts, but he blocks them with his metal arm, then strikes the legs off two scouts who snuck behind him. After a few more failed attacks, the Kushan decide to surround Guts completely and attack at once. Not even breaking a sweat, Guts uses the Dragon Slayer to vault over their simultaneous attacks. Upon landing on the ground, he proceeds to massacre the entire scout force, moving swiftly from one target to the next.

Puck attempts to convince Isidro to give him and Guts the food Isidro has found as recompense for having his life saved, but the boy is far too distracted to pay any attention to the elf's words - he is in utter awe and admiration at Guts' pure fighting skill and flair factor.

Guts and Puck leave the town together, annoyed at the time they wasted while fighting the Kushan. Isidro watches them walk for a few moments, unable to bring himself to say anything. He instead contents himself with following this awesome new swordsman around.


Guts hastens to Albion in the hopes of finding Casca before she is accused of witchcraft.

As they walk along the unpaved road, Guts, Puck and Isidro are watched from a distance by Silat, along with four identical Bakiraka, the Tapasa. The four hulking men ask their Kushan leader whether they should attack, but Silat, having prior experience with fighting Guts, orders them to stay put, knowing that while they may beat him together, they will surely suffer heavy losses in the process. Silat says they must instead focus on their mission of finding the "Land of Oracle".

Overcome with impatience and worry, Guts breaks into a run, headed for the Tower of Conviction, and Casca.


  1. Guts
  2. Isidro
  3. Puck
  4. Silat